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If you’re new to programming, this book will introduce you to thepatterns and concepts used to build modern web applications. You’lllearn how to build a web app (and how the big pieces fit together) by building something from scratch! While this little book won’t be able tocover absolutely everything you need to know about programming, it’llgive you a starting point so you can learn more advanced topics.

If you already code in a backend language like Node, Python, Ruby, Go,or Java, you’ll notice a lot of familiar ideas like MVC, view templates, anddependency injection. The code will be in C#, but it won’t look toodifferent from what you already know.

If you’re an ASP.NET MVC developer, you’ll feel right at home! ASP.NETCore adds some new tools and reuses (and simplifies) the things youalready know. I’ll point out some of the differences below.

No matter what your previous experience with web programming, thisbook will teach you everything yo …