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It took me a pretty long time to really get Git. As I’ve continued to use Git more and more where I work, I’ve found myself trying to teach people what it is and why we use it over and over again, and the reality is that Git generally has a pretty steep learning curve compared to many other systems. I’ve seen case after case of developers who love Git after they finally understand it, but getting to that point is often somewhat painstaking.

This book is aimed at the developer who does not particularly like Subversion, Perforce or whatever SCM system they are currently using, has heard good things about Git, but doesn’t know where to start or why it’s so wonderful. It is meant to explain Git as simply as possible in a clean, concise, easily readable volume. My goal is to help you understand Git internals as well as usage at a fundamental level by the time you finish this book.

To accomplish this, I’m starting the book out (after the introduction) with a sec …