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Containers change how developers build, test, and deploy code. Adopting them takes time. Using them the wrong way can slow down your delivery process.

But you don’t have a team of engineers to dedicate to this like Spotify or Netflix do. Maybe you’re a startup CTO with features to ship — you can’t spend hundreds of hours on internal systems.

Using this free ebook as a guide, you won’t need a dedicated sysadmin to have a productive container-based CI/CD process.

By the end of this book you will understand:
— The key benefits of using Docker containers and how to attain them.
— How deployment to Kubernetes works.
— How both our culture and delivery tools need to change in order to fully benefit from the agility that containers and cloud can offer.

You will be able to:
— Execute a detailed roadmap to adopting containers.
— Build and test applications with Docker.
— Perform canary deployme …