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Blazor is a new web framework that changes what is possible when building web apps with .NET. Blazor is a client-side web UI framework based on C# instead of JavaScript. With Blazor you can write your client-side logic and UI components in C#, compile them into normal .NET assemblies, and then run them directly in the browser using a new open web standard called WebAssembly. Or alternatively, Blazor can run your .NET UI components on the server and handle all UI interactions fluidly over a real-time connection with the browser. When paired with .NET running on the server, Blazor enables full-stack web development with .NET. While Blazor shares many commonalities with ASP.NET Web Forms, like having a reusable component model and a simple way to handle user events, it also builds on the foundations of .NET to provide a modern and high-performance web development experience.

This book introduces ASP.NET Web Forms developers to Blazor in a way that is familiar and convenient …