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Site reliability engineering (SRE) is more relevant than ever. Knowing how to keep systems reliable has become a critical skill. With this practical book, newcomers and old hats alike will explore a broad range of conversations happening in SRE. You’ll get actionable advice on several topics, including how to adopt SRE, why SLOs matter, when you need to upgrade your incident response, and how monitoring and observability differ.

Editors Jaime Woo and Emil Stolarsky, co-founders of Incident Labs, have collected 97 concise and useful tips from across the industry, including trusted best practices and new approaches to knotty problems. You’ll grow and refine your SRE skills through sound advice and thought-provokingquestions that drive the direction of the field.

Some of the 97 things you should know:
«Test Your Disaster Plan» — Tanya Reilly
«Integrating Empathy into SRE Tools» — Daniella Niyonkuru
«The Best Advice I Can Give to Teams» — …